Akustični termo blokovi

Acoustic blocks

Sound insulation tests have confirmed that NEXE thermal blocks meet market requirements at a high level. Sound insulation has become an important element of construction.

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Termo blokovi - TB 25

Thermo blocks

Thermo blocks are large format blocks that allow for a smaller number of blocks to be used per m2, lowering mortar consumption and saving time in construction work.

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Pregradni blokovi TB-12-mi

Partitioning blocks

Usage of partitioning blocks in constructions of new buildings is increasing. Partitioning blocks are used to build internal wall partitions with a thickness of 10cm or 12cm.

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Klasican blokovi - Giter 25

Classic blocks

Classic clay blocks with horizontal and vertical holes allow for safe and economical production of load bearing and partition walls with their traditional quality.

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