Products of baked clay in various forms have been used for construction purposes even more than 50 centuries ago. In the “Chinese wall”, built in the second century BC in the length of about 2,500 km, about 80 billion bricks were installed. Throughout all this time, the production of these products has been slowly improved due to their constantly increased use in various branches of the economy, as well as the growing cultural needs of the entire humanity. In the last hundred years, the use of bricks in construction has grown in particular, and therefore the technical production of these goods has developed to perfection.

Stražilovo was founded in 1923 on an extraordinary location next to the Danube, the railway and near the international road Novi Sad-Belgrade. The founders of  Stražilovo  were brothers Paunović from Vukovar and Baron Josif Rajačić from Sremski Karlovci. After the Second World War, the brick was nationalized and it was called the steam brick “Stražilovo”. Brickyard was established as a modern machine-building section  with a capacity of 3 million pieces per year. Until 1955 the production ranged from 2-4 million pieces a year. That year, for the first time, the production of thin-walled elements is introduced.

Nexe cigla Strazilovo 1923
Stražilovo d.o.o. Sremski Karlovci. Since 1923.

Since 1960, it has been operating as the Building Materials Industry “Stražilovo”, Sremski Karlovci. Production gradually increased, so that in 1972 about 30 million unf (unit of normal format) was produced, and by the construction of a new plant in 1973 production increased to about 60 million unf. Since 1974, Stražilovo operates in the construction industry of Fruska Gora, Sremski Karlovci, and as an independent company has been operating since 1990.

In 2003, Stražilovo entered the NEKSE group, which began the reconstruction of the brick complex. Stražilovo is today one of the leading manufacturers of building blocks and clay products for interconnection in Serbia. The entire production process, from the preparation of the raw material until the final product is sorted  and  followed by a detailed quality control. In addition to internal control, control of final products is carried out by authorized institutes both in the country and abroad. From 2017, the production facility Stražilovo is a part of AD Polet IGK Novi Bečej.

High quality raw material of clay, long tradition and modern technology NEXE blocks the top of both the domestic and the growing number of export markets. Our basic vision is to fulfill our expectations with a high quality product and meet the needs of our customers.

Trend of growth and expansion

After the recent investment and installation of baggy pollinator for flue gas cleaning, so-called the fuel coke filter, which Stražilovo became the first factory with an environmental filter from exhaust gases, continues to invest in the factory. After five years of stopped production and the completion of the reconstruction of the previous months, June 7, 2017. another plant of this factory was started. Section II will significantly contribute to increasing the capacity of Stražilovo and expanding the product range.

Production plant for classic assortment, i.e. giter block and interconnected construction or fert fill, has not been operating since 2012 and it is a great pleasure for all employees in the factory and the municipality of Sremski Karlovci to see that after five years it again works full capacity.

In accordance with sales and production plans, Section II will be classical, and Section I  the large-format block, which was originally intended. Great, so called  Thermo Blok is a block of excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which occupies an increasingly important place in the construction sector of Serbia, which is very commendable and an indicator that we are moving in line with European trends in construction.

Over 300,000 EUR were invested in the re-launch of the plant II, which was invested by Stražilovo from its own funds. In addition to investing in equipment, it is important to emphasize the employment of 30 new workers from the territory of Novi Sad and Sremski  Karlovci. New markets have been launched, such as Kosovo and Hungary, while the existing ones, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania, are working to an increasing extent.

With the launch of the second plant, Stražilovo will be able to continue the trend of modernization, growth and expansion, both to the existing and to the newly opened markets.

Stražilovo today

Nexe cigla Strazilovo pogon

In 2003, Stražilovo joined the NEXE Group since it operates as part of the brick and tile division. By entering the Stražilovo into the Nexe group, the reconstruction of the brick complex begins. Stražilovo today is the largest producer of building blocks and clay products for interconnected structures in Serbia, with production of 135-140 million unf (normal format unit). In addition to the existing assortment, the production of the euro is a large format block, the first of its kind in Serbia.

The old plant produces a classic program and blocks for building partition walls – partitioning blocks of different sizes, giter block and blocks for floor construction. In the new plant, a part of the classical program is being produced, but also a thermo program, which until now nobody produced in Serbia. Most of the products are sold in the Serbian market, then on the territory of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria, but also in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. With the launch of a new plant and the introduction of a thermal program, sales are expected to expand to new markets.

Since 2017, the production plant Stražilovo has been operating as a part of AD Polet IGK Novi Bečej.

Production process

The production of blocks belongs to the group of complex production of building ceramics based on clay. Starting from the knowledge about modern and advanced technologies of production of clay products in Europe, and its own research and experience, the concept of block production is set up.

The planning of the modern plant for the production of blocks takes into account the following factors: the capacity of machines and devices, the quality of grinding, the possibility of removing harmful substances, the degree of mixing and homogenization, the ease of handling the plant (automation), energy saving, improving the working conditions, impact on the environment. The task of installing modern equipment for the production of blocks was to spatially fit new machines into an existing facility with existing drying and furnace facilities in order to obtain a compact production unit.

Quality control

The entire production process, from the preparation of the raw material to the sorting of the final product, is accompanied by a detailed control of the quality of products (raw materials, intermediate products, final products) as well as the control of process parameters. In addition to the internal control performed in the Stražilovo Laboratory and the production control in the production facilities, control of the final product is carried out by authorized institutes in the country (Institute IMS in Belgrade) and abroad (Institute for Construction ZAG in Ljubljana). In this way, a high level of safety is ensured in achieving a constant and good quality of the products, which is confirmed by the CERTIFICATE ISO 9001.

The thermal block meets not only the requirements of the quality of national standards SRPS B.D1.015 and SRPS B.D8.011, but also the requirements of the European standard EN 771-1. Thermal block is a block with an increased share of the cavity, which indicates the water absorption value of ~ 17%, but also the exceptional mechanical characteristics. The pressure stiffness (brand) of the thermal block TB-25 is greater than 100 dN / cm2.