The role of human resources

Human resources management as a business function combines people-related tasks and assignments, their choice, education and other activities of employee insurance and development.

The main subsystems of human resources in Some Groups are employment, professional development, encouraging performance in work, rewarding, identifying potentials, organizing societies and labor relations, and reporting in the field of human resources. Each of these subsystems contains a series of processes that are necessary for achieving the function of human resources.

People, their needs, motivation and satisfaction with us, in Nexe Group, are extremely important because we are aware that our strength is in the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Why should you work in NEXE group?

Nexe Group is an organization that seeks continuous improvement and progress. The goals that Nexe Group manages are the organization’s growth through strategic focus, entrepreneurial behavior and innovation, leadership inspired by vision, operational excellence, and building relationships through a sense of belonging, customer focus and multiculturalism.

The system of value that leads us to the Nexe Group is above all expertize and professionalism. We develop open communication and quality feedback and we take care of our employees.

We are open for cooperation with experts of various profiles, ambitious and dedicated people of high creative and development potential as well as young people who are still entering the world of work.

We strive to provide an incentive climate for the professional and personal development of our employees, cooperation and team work, and to develop a recognizable organizational culture. At the same time, we are aware of the importance of a socially responsible attitude towards the immediate and wider community.

Nexe Group is a place where employees can realize their personal potentials through diverse team and individual tasks and projects and collaborate with people of different profiles and professional experiences. We offer you work in a dynamic and comfortable environment, many business challenges and the possibility of continuous professional development.

By providing opportunities for the traineeship, we give the opportunity to acquire experience and apply theoretical knowledge in practice. During their one-year work experience, our trainees have the opportunity to become independent in the support and business functions sectors, in production and maintenance as well as in sales.

After the traineeship has been completed, trainees who have demonstrated their success and dedication in the same way provide the opportunity for continuing work in our organization, according to their professional interests and wishes and our needs.

Each of these subsystems contains a series of processes that are necessary for the fulfillment of human resources functions. People, their needs, motivation and satisfaction, to us in Nexe Group are extremely important because we are aware that our strength is in the knowledge and skills of our employees.


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Development of employees

In all our work, Nexe Group strives to achieve business excellence, quality and fast progress, continuous improvement, and the creation of a recognizable culture incentive for professional and personal growth and development.

Qualified, educated and motivated employees of Nexe Group are one of our most powerful sources of competitive power in the labor market.

Our employees are valued according to their achievements and potential, and professional development is of primary importance. Nexe Group offers its employees work in a very dynamic and pleasant environment that stimulates continuous learning and development through counseling, mentoring, various seminars, congresses, fairs, postgraduate studies, language and computer courses.

We are developing open communication, working closely with exchanging knowledge and skills, and thus promoting innovation and openness to new ideas.

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