Sound insulation tests confirmed that NEXE thermal blocks meet market requirements at a high level.

After the needs for thermal insulation have been met, so that the construction of every residential and commercial building ensures optimal heat in winter, but also a pleasant temperature in summer, the need for sound insulation is becoming more and more important. By combining these two components, AD POLET IGK in its brick production facility in Stražilovo presented to customers a new feature of the well-known Polet thermal blocks TB 25 and TB 20 - the acoustic one.

Sound insulation testing of clay blocks with vertical cavities, A block TB 25 and A block TB 20, was performed in the laboratories for acoustics and vibrations at the Institute for Materials Testing a.d. Belgrade. The tests were carried out in accordance with all prescribed standards, and a result of 54db was obtained for A TB 25 and a result of 52db for A TB 20. According to current standards, the limit for achieving acoustic properties and issuing a certificate is 52db, from which it follows that NEXE acoustic thermal blocks meet the requirements of the market at a high level.

Sound insulation has become an important element of construction.

As the construction trend in Serbia is focused on the combination of residential and commercial spaces, meeting the acoustic standards is already taken for granted, thus meeting the needs of all target groups of real estate buyers.

The advantage of these blocks is their large format, which ensures less use of blocks per square meter. This reduced the consumption of mortar, and also reduced the construction time. Acoustic thermal blocks A block TB 25 and A block TB 20 are produced exclusively from natural materials, without synthetic additives.