From the 12th to the 14th of September, 2018, at the Zlatibor Hotel in Mona Hotel, organized by the Association of the Contemporary Clay Industry of SIGP, will be held the 8th Congress of Contemporary Clay Industry of Serbia.

The General Director of AD POLET IGK NOVI BECEJ member of the NEXE Group and a member of the organizing committee of the Association, Momčilo Radojčin, will open the Congress in the opening address for the 50 years of the Association’s work.

The Program Committee formed by the Assembly of the Contemporary Clay Industry Association anticipated that the Congress lasted for 3 days. As part of the work of the Congress, it is time to present foreign and domestic companies – especially producers of equipment for the brick industry as well as producers of coarse and fine ceramics

The Congress topics are:

  1. The raw material base
  2. Modern production and new technological processes
  3. Standardization, quality and technical regulations
  4. Application and possibilities of wider application of clay products
  5. Environmental protection and energy efficiency