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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by a website on a visitor’s computer. They do no harm to your computer, and allow us to provide a more efficient user experience and better functionality. We also use cookies to analyze our website traffic statistics.

How do you use cookies as a website visitor?

When you visit a site you have previously visited, your chosen internet browser sends a cookie that the site has previously stored on your computer or mobile device from which you visit our website. This allows the page to be displayed faster and the browsing experience is tailored to your needs.

The website cannot access other files on your computer or information you have not previously provided as a visitor.

I don’t want cookies – how do I disable them?

Keeping cookies on the visitor’s device of the website is legally allowed only if it is necessary for the operation of the site, while for all other cookies the consent of the visitor is required. It is up to each visitor to decide whether or not to allow cookies. There are options for setting and storing and configuring cookies on each internet browser, which you can find in more detail in the instructions of the internet browser you use.

What cookies are used on our site?

The website uses the necessary cookies for the website to function properly and cookies for traffic analytics.

Necessary cookies

polet.rspll_language1 yearwhen select the language of the page
polet.rsstl_script3 monthsautomatic selection of content in Latin translation
polet.rspolet_popup_closing_en1 daysite visit verification
polet.rscookie_notice_accepted1 yearcookies notice accepted

Analytical cookies

google.comNID6 monthsstore information about your preferences
google.com_ga2 yearsunique ID assigned to each viewer to track user interaction with the website
google.com_gat_gtag_UA_XXXXXXXXX1 mina cookie used to reduce analytics requirements to Google Analytics servers
google.com_gid1 dayregisters a unique ID used to obtain statistics on how the visitor used the website